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Go back 2.000 years to the ancient city of Viminacium and experience the spirit of great Roman Empire.

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Roman City and Legionary Camp

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Adventure, education, fun, leisure activities!
Roman city and legionary camp

Viminacium Adventure!!!

Roman city and legionary fort dating from the 1st century AD.

Sounds like a movie?

Immerse yourself in the adventure of Roman Empire

Summer Educational Camp

We have the most thrilling activities and the best counselors

Viminacium Adventure - Summer Educational Camp
Spend unforgettable summer and become the part of „Viminacium Adventure“ history!
Parents Info

We are parents too

We aim to develop partnership with parents and help their children become real 21st century leaders.

Let your child master a great variety of skills and become a true Roman legionary!

Team Building Destination

„Viminacium Adventure“ a real adrenaline challenge testing both your strength, skill and team spirit.

Viminacium Avantura - Team Building
Packages starting – Starting from 32€
  Our teenagers can finally relax. We created an exciting, creative and fun summer camp. You need to breathe deeply and dive into the archaeological empire. Viminacium adventure is something completely different, your best summer ever.  
Vladimir Đumić, co-author of the program
  Have you ever imagined how to get back to the distant past and try to live briefly in the spirit of some ancient times? The rich past of the Roman Empire in the ancient Viminacium gives you such an opportunity - to enjoy yourself and live in the place where the Roman Empire lived, just as the legionnaires lived... Is this an interesting challenge?   
Biljana Lajović, co-author of the program

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