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Secton for Young Campers

Probably you have a million questions about “Viminacivm Adventure”. There is much to learn. We hope the following questions and answers will help you get ready.

During the day, all campers participate scheduled activities. We start the mornings at the legionary polygon; as early as in the afternoon, you and your team excavate artefacts at the real archeological site. We have more than 30 activities so that each day makes a fresh opportunity to learn something new and have fun you have never had before.
Evening activities are reserved for entertainment, starting from campfire and supper that we ourselves prepare, up to the dances and outdoor games. A great way to finish the day. We elect the best boy-legionary and the girl-legionary of the day every evening, in a special ceremony. This is the highest recognition you can earn in a summer educational camp “Viminacium Adventure”.
6-bedded (three bunk beds) arranged in a way to host a real camp party. You will have the space for your staff that you yourself take care of during your stay in the camp; ever day the supervisors support you to keep all your staff in a place and make your space clean and tidy.
Generally, they are students, fun-loving young people that want to spend summer in the camp, willing to try new adventures and challenges placed before all of us in “Viminacivm Adventure”.
We all work together in “Viminacium Adventure”. We ask our campers to deal with some tasks so as to make everything function and run smoothly. These tasks include cleaning up one’s place after each meal in the dinning-room, cleaning and getting things in order for daily inspection, participation in scheduled daily activities and observance of all rules in the camp.
A variety of well-balanced food is served every day so as to make young legionaries strong and full of energy for all tasks of the day. We always have fresh salads, fruit, pastries and cakes to offer. If you do not like anything we serve on our “legionary self-serving plates”, we can always offer chocolate cream and marmalade, just in case.
If you have some problems of any kind, you can refer to the supervisor and/or talk to some of the counselors. All of them are well trained to face a host of issues and tough situations and they are here because they want to help you. If you do not feel at ease to talk to the counselor or the supervisor of the barrack, you can always turn to your teacher if he/she is in the camp, or to the camp director. Do not hesitate to ask for help, since if you do not report some problems you are dealing with, we will not be able to help you solve it. .
All young legionaries are to participate programme-based activities, prepared in advance. Still, do not worry. We really did our best to be entertaining, interesting and thrilling in all elements.
All activities are devised in the way so as to enable participation of all young legionaries. However, you will participate mostly the activities jointly with your age-mates.

Section for Parents


We have 24/7 healthcare available in camp, on-duty physician and a vehicle. Hence, there is always somebody to manage bruises, scratches or anything that necessitates provision of medical services.
When referring to teenage tourism, “Viminacicm Adventure” raises standards. Our counselors and supervisors underwent special training for this calling. These young professionals undergo training that deals extensively with numerous aspects of physical and emotional safety of children. Each counselor and the supervisor underwent mandatory assessment completed by our psychologists and they are well-trained to work with children in any and all conditions occurred in various circumstances while staying in summer educational camp.
We understand very well the worry of the parents that have sleepwalking children. Our counselors and barrack supervisors are always on mandatory on-duty service and they are qualified to cope with such situations in the best possible way. If your child often sleepwalks and you want him/her to sleep on lower-level bunk bed, rest assured we will do that. You just need to notify timely on the issue.
If your child suffers from any kind of allergy to any food, please point the fact in application form or call our administrative office to notify thereof, in the case you forgot to indicate this in the application. We have at our disposal all nutritional options and it will be our pleasure to answer the needs of your children. It is not problem to accustom the menu to different diet regimens.
The safety and the health of the children make our priorities. You should just let us know what kind of allergy your child suffers from. Please, be sure to include referred details in your application form. Try to make it as specific as possible, with many details relating to this information, so as to enable us to provide adequate preparation and make your child’s stay cozy and nice in the summer educational camp.
If your child undergoes regular therapy, the parents are held liable to inform the medical service on the type of the therapy, medications and respective dosages. Medications shall never be kept in the dormitories. Each day, young legionaries will have enough time to check with our medical service and take timely therapy. Please, do keep in mind that the summer camp is neither the place nor proper occasion to experiment with new medicaments or “pause” the therapy. By adherence to routine medical therapy, we safeguard health and safe stay of your children in “Viminacivm Adventure”.


You can call your child every day after lunch, during rest time. Considering the fact that our main goal is reaching independence and self-reliance, it would be ideal if legionaries could adapt to stay with no help of yours, at least over first four days of their stay in the camp. Of course, should your child feel the need to talk to you, we shall not prevent him/her in doing this. He/she may contact you at the time stipulated to talk to parents. Children will not have cell phones with them, so that we could run undisturbed activities in camp’s workshops. Children’s cell phones shall be kept at safe place, under control.
We will keep in touch throughout the whole period your child spends in camp. In the case of any problem, we will get in touch immediately. Our barrack supervisors take care of every child. We deal with children, not with programmes and activities. Their happiness and satisfaction are our priorities.


E-devices are not permitted. Bearing in mind that an average teenager in Serbia uses some of the e-devices more than 20 hours a week, we believe “Viminacivm Adventure” is the right place to offer our campers great fun and memorable adventure over 7-day period they spend in the camp. Such a policy provides to the children and the youth all advantages, with no technology devices at all. We are 2000 years back in a time-machine, to the place where young legionaries and their seniors were completely addressed to one another, at the place where we make life-long friendships.

We made a compromise and allowed the use of cell phones only over short one hour rest-period after lunch; at that time, campers may talk to parents, send some photos or text friends. The rest of the day, cell phones are safe, stored in special places for that purpose.
If our young legionaries arrive to camp under the organization of their schools, sports clubs or some other organizations, accompanied by their teachers, professor, coaches, they will get organized transport up to the site of summer camp. In other cases, parents bring their children directly to the camp site by their own vehicles.
See our recommended packing list here
We accommodate young legionaries in barracks, subject to a number of clearly defined factors. We strive to create a dynamic dormitory, hosting the campers coming from different places in Serbia and worldwide, with different skills and experiences. We try to accommodate children of similar age, having reached the same level of maturity, both in the terms of emotional and physical status. If two pals come together to the Camp and ask to share the same dormitory, we will do our best to meet such request.

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