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Benefits of the camp „Viminacium Adventure“

Young legionaries are trained independence, stamina and self-confidence in the summer educational camp „Viminacium Adventure“. The programmes are devised in the way to enable useful knowledge acquisition through enjoyable and attractive workshops- ranging from learning old crafts, through mastering Roman military tactics and gaining communication skills indispensable for 21st century life-all of which reached through socializing, play and fun. We, „Viminacium Adventure“ staff, made our goal to prepare the children and the youth for any new challenge life could impose.

Key Skills Developed in Camp

We are determined to create safe and comfy atmosphere in which young legionaries feel cosy and try new things, whether it is cliff climbing or fencing. Thrilling atmosphere and the ambience of Roman camp instigate development of social and emotional intelligence in children and the young. Managing new, different situations, developing motor skills and instructions how to control their emotions and solve conflict situations-make just some of the skills contributing towards proper development and maturation of young legionnaires.

We Are Also Parents

Summer camp „Viminacium Adventure“ is the right place where Your child may spend quality time with experienced and dedicated counselors, while socializing with young legionaries. Love and positive attention that children and the young receive at the summer educational camp „Viminacivm Adventure“, warrant memorable stay and unique experience. With our support, parents are helped support their children in developing the traits such as independence, responsibility and creativity.

Open Communication Lines

Parents will always have the opportunity to talk to on-duty tutors or counselors all the time while their children are in the summer educational camp „Viminacium Adventure“

You Are Involved!

Special Section of the web page „Viminacivm Adventure“ enable parents of the young legionaries to follow on daily basis all activities and events in the summer educational camp.

Tech Free Zone

In this world, dominated by digital devices, social networks and texting, summer educational camp „Viminacium Adventure“ enables young legionaries get experience free of new technologies. We strive to enable our camper's authentic connection through joint activities and games.

Shifts 2019

  • The first shift: 17.06. – 23.06.
  • The second shift: 23.06. – 29.06.
  • The third shift: 29.06. – 05.07.
  • The fourth shift: 05.07. – 11.07.
  • The fifth shift: 11.07. – 17.07.
  • The sixth shift: 17.07. – 23.07.
  • The seventh shift: 23.07. – 29.07.
  • The eights shift: 29.07. – 04.08.
  • The nineth shift: 04.08. – 10.08.
  • The tenth shift: 10.08. – 16.08.
  • The eleventh shift: 16.08. – 22.08.
  • The twelve shift: 22.08. – 28.08.
Packages starting – Starting from 32€
  Our teenagers can finally relax. We created an exciting, creative and fun summer camp. You need to breathe deeply and dive into the archaeological empire. Viminacium adventure is something completely different, your best summer ever.  
Vladimir Đumić, co-author of the program
  Have you ever imagined how to get back to the distant past and try to live briefly in the spirit of some ancient times? The rich past of the Roman Empire in the ancient Viminacium gives you such an opportunity - to enjoy yourself and live in the place where the Roman Empire lived, just as the legionnaires lived... Is this an interesting challenge?   
Biljana Lajović, co-author of the program

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