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Migling with friends in nature, in attractive adventure park and unique legionary polygon- all of that with no parents present? Ideally, isn’t it? Go back 2000 years in formerly ancient city Viminacivm and make you a part of young legionaries’ team in summer educational camp “Viminacivm Adventure”. Learn skills of real campers, participate legion-type games, experience challenge and competitions, make new friends and have the fun of your life!

Camper Tradition in the City of Vrba

Legionary Games
Legionary Games

Test your stamina and endurance, persistance and dexterity in a unique and unparalleled polygon for legionaries with even 16 hurdles. New games and surprise waits for you every week, as well as many other interesting activities .

Flag rising
Flag rising

Do you know that the flag was a great pride of the Roman legion? Flag holders in the ancient Rome received twice the avarage salary. Be a proud legionary and make the rising of authentic “Vimnacivm Adventure” flag your first task of the day in the morning.

Barracks supervision
Barracks supervision

Once the lunch is finished, young legionaries and their counselors attend to regular camp duties. It is not that hard as it seems to be; all you need to do is to make your bed, put in order your cabinet and dispose of garbage- the way you do that at home! The supervisor in each barrack runs the inspection. If you pass today, there is no inspection tomorrow. But, do not be too relaxed. Supervisors may catch you by surprise.

Camp fire
Camp fire and evening activities

We have prepared a host of entertaining activities for our campers every evening. Dances, joint activities around campfire (to light the fire you first need some preparations, such as finding a tinder materiala so that the fire may catch the flames-someone must do that, as well) and a great evening supper for all young legionaries.

Of course, the election of the best young legionary of the day.


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