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Legionary Obstacle Course

Many experienced professionals participated polygon building, ranging from engineers up to civil construction engineers, sports experts and army specialists, all of which with the aim to start our time-machine and shifting our participants to authentic times of roman soldiers. The participants pass hurdles by skipping, climbing, crawling, wriggling, passing through mud, water, earth, straw. Legionary polygon imposes challenges to the most skilled and the toughest ones.

You are asking yourself about the feeling when getting up from the mud? Do not believe us a word, but try it by yourself to check the stuff you are made of!

Legionary Polygon

Subject to your position: legionary, centurion, and imperator, many-hurdles races are paced to three, five and ten kilometers. This polygon has no winners’ podium, nor a stopwatch to contest with. Legionary polygon is not the story on you conquering the time and swift reaching the finishing line; this is the story about self-knowledge and the importance of team work without which it is impossible to pass all hurdles.

The team is as strong as its weakest link. Whether it is a hand in hand to support you at the right moment or it is somebody’s voice encouraging you to reach the goal, team spirit will follow you on your road to legionary victory.


  • 10 km of tracks
  • 16+ specially designed hurdles
  • 5 t of mud, sand and sludge
  • Almost 4.000l of water


Take you old, worn T-shirt, sneakers, sockets, cap. If you are skilled, probably you will not throw away your sneakers after obstacle course; still, if you yield... well, in this case it would have been better to have put your old sneakers.

However, if you are ready to conquer a whole polygon and see others take off their caps in recognition, take a couple of sneakers, just in a case.


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