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“Viminacivm Adventure”, reviving authentically the space of formerly ancient city Viminacium. The Center exhibits the replicas of Roman military camp and special legionary polygon, including thrilling adventure park. Over summer months, the space is intended to be in the function of summer educative camp for children age 10-17 and company team building programmes; the rest of the time, the facility is to accommodate the archeologists coming worldwide that are engaged in Viminacivm excavations.

The Project “Viminacivm Adventure” is attained via cooperation Viminacivm Foundation, archeological park Viminacium and Archeological Institute.

Limes 2018

At the last Limes Congress in Ingolstadt it was announced that next XXIV Limes Congress will be held in Serbia in September 2018. Main organizer will be Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade. More info:

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  Our teenagers can finally relax. We created an exciting, creative and fun summer camp. You need to breathe deeply and dive into the archaeological empire. Viminacium adventure is something completely different, your best summer ever.  
Vladimir Đumić, co-author of the program
  Have you ever imagined how to get back to the distant past and try to live briefly in the spirit of some ancient times? The rich past of the Roman Empire in the ancient Viminacium gives you such an opportunity - to enjoy yourself and live in the place where the Roman Empire lived, just as the legionnaires lived... Is this an interesting challenge?   
Biljana Lajović, co-author of the program

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