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Shifts 2019:
  • The first shift: 17.06. – 23.06.
  • The second shift: 23.06. – 29.06.
  • The third shift: 29.06. – 05.07.
  • The fourth shift: 05.07. – 11.07.
  • The fifth shift: 11.07. – 17.07.
  • The sixth shift: 17.07. – 23.07.
  • The seventh shift: 23.07. – 29.07.
  • The eights shift: 29.07. – 04.08.
  • The nineth shift: 04.08. – 10.08.
  • The tenth shift: 10.08. – 16.08.
  • The eleventh shift: 16.08. – 22.08.
  • The twelve shift: 22.08. – 28.08.
Seven-day arrangement includes:
  • 6 overnights full board basis with snacks
  • Transport provided by a high quality coach
  • full insurance
  • paid local accommodation fees
  • full programme, organization and realization of all content for the duration of the camp
  • services provided by the guide of the group (teachers, professors, counselors) during the period of arrangement and other staff (animators, coaches, polygon counselors, adventure park counselors)
  • 24-hour medical supervision
  • complete organization of the trip

Price of the stay in summer educational camp “Viminacivm Adventure” is available upon request. The arrangement includes accommodation in multi-bedded rooms, full board, transport and programme-based activities.


Cash payment
4000,00 RSD at the time of registration, the outstanding sum may be paid by monthly installments;
The last installment should be paid 15 days prior the beginning of the arrangement at latest.
Through account
Based on the pro forma invoice issued by the agency.
The Agency issues pro forma invoice on which basis the Client’s Bank in which the Client has open current-account, approves facilities.


Payment shall be made only in calculated RSD currency counter-value, by application the medium exchange rate for effective foreign currency applied by the National Bank of Serbia on the payment day. In the case of the travel cancelled, the sum of 1.500,00 RSD shall be retained on account of the administrative charges; the outstanding sum is to be refunded in compliance with the general applicable travel terms applied by the travel agency. The agency applies the General terms and conditions of the travel arrangement being in force for this Programme.

* Not Market Price – subsidized price by local governments in Serbia. Valid only for Serbian market.

The application deadline is 20 days before scheduled departure or until available vacancies

The Agency reserves the right to adjust the prices due to the changes in monetary market or the change of the price charged for summer educational camp “Viminacivm Adventure”.

The Agency reserves the right to change the programme of the travel (the order of certain programme content due to objective circumstances).

The arrangement is based on minimum number of 45 passengers.

In the case of insufficient number of registered passengers, the deadline for arrangement cancellation is 10 days prior scheduled departure.

The referred price is warranted only for the entire payment of the sum; otherwise, it is warranted only the amount of the advance paid.

In the case of changes in the monetary market or in the commodity-service market or insufficient number of registered passengers, the Agency reserves the right to adjust the price, to change the programme or cancel the travelling.

The Agency reserves the right to set different payment terms for certain promotional offers, as well as for the employees in the companies with which the Agency enters into special agreement.

With this program are valid general terms and conditions of the tour operator of the Agency.

The programme applies as of 01.02.2018.

Packages starting – Starting from 32€
  Our teenagers can finally relax. We created an exciting, creative and fun summer camp. You need to breathe deeply and dive into the archaeological empire. Viminacium adventure is something completely different, your best summer ever.  
Vladimir Đumić, co-author of the program
  Have you ever imagined how to get back to the distant past and try to live briefly in the spirit of some ancient times? The rich past of the Roman Empire in the ancient Viminacium gives you such an opportunity - to enjoy yourself and live in the place where the Roman Empire lived, just as the legionnaires lived... Is this an interesting challenge?   
Biljana Lajović, co-author of the program

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