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Viminacium Adventure

Viminacium Adventure is a summer educational camp, reviving in creative and diverting way the area of the Town of Vrba, formerly the ancient city of Viminacium. While keeping their individuality, children and youth, age 10 to 17, are to acquire novel knowledge and skills through plethora of attractive content, enhance their creativity, resourcefulness and team spirit that is to make them happy and content.

The idea is to organize interesting and interactive workshops intended to introduce and acquaint children and youth with some sciences such as Archeology, Anthropology, Paleontology, Meteorology and many others. Replica of legionary camp, special legionary hurdles polygon and a unique adventure park make the source of an unlimited fun and memorable experience.

Come and experience life of „Viminacium Adventure“. Go back to the past and get ready for the future!


From Archeology to juggling, from ancient games to old crafts, from art to adventure! More than 30 activities and attractions, real challenge awaits our young legionaries. We turn back to Pax Romana- unprecedented period of Roman Empire and develop 21st century skills together with our young legionaries.


A unique concept of „Viminacium Adventure“ creates authentic feeling to all visitors of the summer camp. The barracks, hosting young legionaries, are the replica of original barracks in the military camp, as they were at the time of VII Claudia legion. Summer educational camp can host a total of 480 guests per a single shift. Eack barrack has 8 rooms. All rooms are 6-bedded (three bunk beds), each one with a modern bathroom.


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